THE NEW ERA OF under bridge inspection units

Manufacturer: WEICO

First Single-Operator Underbridge Inspection Unit:
Thanks to cutting-edge onboard technologies, the WB1 can be efficiently operated by a single operator. Integrated cameras analyse the surroundings of the vehicle, ensuring the absence of obstacles such as pedestrians or other vehicles, enabling remote control manoeuvring.

Enhanced Stabilisation System:
The WB1 boasts a sophisticated stabilization system, incorporating six additional solid rubber wheels with an 800 mm diameter, strategically distributing the vehicle's weight evenly on the road.

Advanced Load Control System and Automatic Vehicle Opening/Closing:
A comprehensive monitoring system employs electronic measuring bolts to capture load weight on the platform, the moment when the platform is fully extended, and the total load. Additionally, the vehicle features an automatic assembly and dismantling function, minimizing the potential for human error.

Automated Levelling System:
The WB1 can operate in rugged terrain, thanks to a combination of hardware and software that allows the vehicle to detect and level steep terrain as needed. This capability extends the WB1's usability to inclines of up to 10°.

Ergonomic and User-Friendly Design:
The WB1 stands out for its user-friendly design, featuring a collapsible railing at the truck's access point, well-adapted stairs, generous access openings, and a spacious platform measuring 1.60 meters wide. These elements combine to ensure unparalleled comfort and usability.

Personal Protective Equipment:
Attention to detail in safety measures sets the WB1 apart. Multiple movable equipment anchor points are strategically placed on the tower's interior and the platform, enhancing operator safety and ease of use.

Herkules 2.0
First Single-Operator Underbridge Inspection Unit
Herkules 2.0
Enhanced Stabilization System
Herkules 2.0
Personal Protective Equipment

Herkules 2.0

Available units: 4
Self-propelled working unit
Max horiz. outreach below construction 17,00 + 2,00 m
Width of platform (basic/telescopic) 1,60 m
Max lowering depth 9,90 m
Max vertical overbridging (noise barrier) 3,00 m
Max horizontal overbridging (pavement)
4,50 m
Max load on platform (incl. equipment) 800 kg
Max. capacity on extended telescopic platform 400 kg
Rotation area of platform 180 °
Permissible longitudinal gradient 10 % (5,7°)
Permissible traversal gradient 10 % (5,7°)
Space required on bridge 2,55 m
Total weight 32.000 kg
Total length 12,00 m
Total width 2,50 m 
Transport height
4,00 m

Permissible up to max. wind speed of 12,5 m/s!
Equipment on platform
Power connection 220 - 380 V
Diesel power unit 1
Rear view camera
Driving licence category C
Herkules 2.0
Herkules 2.0
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